A ketogenic diet advocates for the consumption of food with low percentages of carbohydrates, moderate percentages of proteins and high percentages of fats. The diet mainly concentrates on reducing the quantities of carb consumed while at the same time increasing the quantities of fat consumed. This diet has a main objective of allowing the body to go into a metabolic state known as nutritional ketosis. Instead of the body breaking down carbs to get the necessary energy. The increased quantities of fat contained in this diet also play a part in providing the body with the required energy. Eating can help you convert from carb burning mode to fat burning.


The keto diet can be tricky especially for beginners. This is because they might find it challenging to transform from eating common foods to now eating foods with more fat and low quantities of carbohydrates. A huge percentage of the common foods contain high percentages of carbohydrates. This makes it important to know the ideal ketogenic diet for a beginner. Some of the foods that can be incorporated on the diet by a beginner include; avocado, trout, coconut oil, butter, chicken fat and macadamia nuts amongst others. This is because such foods are readily available and therefore are easy to get. All what one needs is to consume them in moderate quantities so that they have the desired effects.

Benefits of the keto diet

Enhancing weight loss

People on this diet appear to be able to lose weight faster than even people who are in other types of diets. While on this diet one does not have to starve so as to lose weight. Instead, by just eating the right foods with high levels of fats and low levels of carbohydrates one is could be able to lose weight naturally. Many people on the diet also feel full after consuming little quantities of food. Therefore, being on this diet allows people to control their cravings and only eat the foods that their bodies require. One can also incorporate light exercises to ensure the weight loss is more effective.

Reducing blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are usually raised by the insulin that gets into the blood stream from the broken down carbohydrates. Therefore, eating foods with high quantities of carbohydrates usually increase the blood sugar levels. As stated this diet advocates for low levels of carbohydrates and increased quantities of fat. As a result, the people on the diet may reduce their chances of being affected by diabetes because their blood sugars may remain at a healthy level. As I converse with many type 2 diabetics who are finding they are controlling there levels without medication by embracing a ketogenic diet.  It appears to be helpful to people who would like to avoid diabetes completely doing this in conjunction with a supportive doctor who has a good understanding of Diabetics, medications and the ketogenic diet would seem a wise place to start.

Enhancing performance

Many people who require high energy and less body mass such as some athletes usually require foods that do not have high levels of calories. This is because their bodies do not require excess weight which can hinder their performance. They also do not require high levels of blood sugar because high levels of blood sugar may affect their performances negatively. With the keto diet such people seem to be able to enhance their performances because they are able to exercise in a better manner with sustained energy. Their bodies are also able to get the necessary nutrients which help them build muscles without having accumulated fat. This appears to be a primary reason why the keto diet is widely used in different athletic fields. Some Professionals, doctors and nutritionists recommend it to athletes who would like to enhance their performances and compete more effectively.

Dealing with brain disorders

There is indeed a lot of research that has supported that the brain requires glucose for it to function properly. However, this glucose does not necessarily have to come from carbohydrates since even the liver produces glucose which is specifically meant for the brain. For the glucose produced to work effectively it needs to be complimented by ketones which are only produced when the glucose levels are low. The keto diet produces these ketones and they may play a significant role in enhancing mental strength. As a result, the keto diet has been used to deal with different types of mental issues.  In saying that, the diet is recommended to children who are affected by epilepsy apparently lowering their number of seizures. People on this diet appear to experience more clarity and focus as well as being able to deal with issues such as stress more effectivity as well as becoming more productive in the activities they participate in. They can feel happier because they are able to deal with the issues in their lives more effectively.

Dealing with terminal diseases

High levels of cholesterol have been considered harmful to the body and may cause a number of diseases including heart conditions. However, there is a type of cholesterol that is considered to be healthy and helpful to the body. This cholesterol is known as HDL this carries broken glucose from the blood stream to the liver where it is further broken down or discarded. This is unlike the other cholesterol which carries the broken glucose from the liver to the blood stream. The levels of HDL in the body are usually increased by eating fats. Therefore by using the keto diet one is able to increase HDL levels which may in turn reduce chances of being affected by terminal heart diseases. Furthermore, this diet can be also beneficial for cancer treatment. Because cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then lowering the glucose level in your blood though carb and protein restriction literally starves the cancer cells.

This ketogenic diet, can be supportive in assisting weight loss and appear to reduce chronic degenerative diseases.  Therefore, the ketogenic diet has a number of significant health benefits that should be taken into consideration.